Book Club

A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Ms. Rhimes opens up in a deep and personal way allowing readers to know the F.O.D. that owns T.G.I.T.  Just in the event, you need permission to be a F.O.D., INTO YOURSELF!,  to say YES to caring for your Body, Being extremely unapologetically successful in your career and home or you’re a woman seeking solidarity with another F.O.D. you get that and more in the pages of this book.   I enjoyed the audio book which repeatedly brought images of characters she’s created because the actors embody her voice through her writing.  What’s a F.O.D.?  Read and Learn.


I recommend this book for any aspiring online or brick and mortar entrepreneur.  Pat takes you by the hand and gives you what you need to prepare yourself for the dog days of business especially for a Soloprenuer.  You’ll learn how to validate your idea and thus find your tribe.

Generous as he is there is also a great bonus course with the book that’s broken up into chapters so you can validate almost with Pat right there in the room with you.  The Case Studies at the end are truly enlightening as well.


If you live in your head and your emotions rule you.  If you are hemorrhaging hundreds or thousands of dollars in Talk Therapy sessions…  Or lay awake replaying annoying low points of your day crafting witty comebacks for your boss, co-workers, family members and friends.  If you’re an emotional land mind this is the book for you!

Ms. Katie simplifies what neurosurgeons complicates.  If your not technically minded and don’t know or want to know what Neuro Placidity is but want to rewire your brain and live an internally quiet life with positive external relationships with everyone.  READ THIS BOOK, THEN LIVE IT!

This book reaffirms living a fearless life, asking for what you want and specifying how you want it.  While life is not Burger King served up just the way we want it, in many cases one word can take us from failure to success.  WHY?  There are many reason people say know or things don’t work out at first blush.  A bit of gentle investigation  can produce more than your desired results.

Rejection Proof is a great case study in thickening your skin.



What gets you out of bed in the morning? How productive is your day?  What is your energy level like at 10 am?  How and why you start your day is key.

What’s the point of waking up if not for you?  I believe every day we should show up for ourselves first, God second and everyone else take a number and wait until you are called.





If you’ve been self-selecting down making your home into a prison of fear.

If, you do not remember the last time you had coffee or a conversation that was not in a checkout line with a stranger.

Or you’ve become the creepy person at the office who glares at the object of their affection instead of say HELLO, in the breakroom.

Or just began to wonder what happened to the fun adventurous person you were in high school or college, then this journal is for you.







No matter if you’re a public speaker or climbing the corporate ladder Leil gives priceless tips for how to navigate every human interaction know to man. From:

Business Event Conduct

International Travel


Proper Attire